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Centrally located in Kingston, IL, TAT Enterprises Inc. is a service-oriented asphalt paving and maintenance company serving commercial and municipal property owners throughout the greater Western Suburbs, from Rockford to Joliet.

If you’re seeking a highly-skilled asphalt paving company, look no further than TAT Enterprises because we specialize in comprehensive project craftsmanship and a commitment to safety from start to finish. We handle new construction projects for parking lots and roadways, excavation and grading for new site development projects, as well as resurfacing and repairs for asphalt. We also provide seal coating and crack filling to help customers protect their investment from future damage.

Why Choose Us?

TAT Enterprises is a family-owned business that assists construction contractors, infrastructure agencies, and property owners across the region.

We have helped in building and maintaining parking lots and roadways for office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, municipal parks, truck terminals, schools and universities, warehouses, churches and many more.

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We believe in providing complete customer satisfaction at TAT Enterprises. If you need an affordable and experienced asphalt paving company, contact us today for your upcoming project.